Many of the benefits of digital telephony in general, and VoIP specifically, come from the various ways in which business operations can be made more productive. VoIP( Voice over Internet Protocol) is, as the name would suggest, run entirely over dedicated high-speed Internet, designed specifically for voice traffic.

A VoIP system can work in conjunction with existing onsite technology – typically through your PBX (Private Branch Exchange) – or it can be hosted virtually in the cloud, negating the need for physical hardware.

So, let’s consider some of the key advantages that VoIP can bring:


Keeping staff agile and on the move is essential for many business models. With VoIP able to route landline numbers to mobile devices, team members are never out of reach. An excellent example of this is with Horizon’s hosted phone system, which makes rerouting calls to mobile devices an easy and straightforward process, ensuring that staff remain contactable when out and about, working from home or hot desking.

Financial Productivity

Many VoIP-enabled products allow you to reduce costs. The Avaya IP Office phone system, for example, does just that by leveraging existing business communications equipment but adding a host of digital features, including VoIP.

VoIP allows an ongoing reduction in costs by way of easy to understand monthly billing. The Horizon model is a good case in point, simply being on a licence-per-user monthly charge per member of staff. Many VoIP packages also include free internal calls, even between different offices of the same company.

Disaster Recovery

It only takes one heavy snowfall to stop staff getting to your office. Traditional telephony is largely unable to provide solutions to this type of physical issue. VoIP, on the other hand, will simply and quickly allow your staff to fire up their laptops from home and make and receive calls as normal. Customers may not even realise there is an issue.

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Faster Decision Making

Being unable to reach the member of staff required can delay important decisions at all levels of a business. Many VoIP systems allow staff to be included in conference and video calls, wherever they happen to be. Mitel’s MiVoice business system keeps all staff connected at all times via mobile devices and connected to the central system. One click and all necessary parties can be connected, regardless of location.

Planning Productivity

Relying on fixed lines and analogue phone systems means a lack of flexible planning capability. Running out of lines or needing an expensive system upgrade are things of the past with VoIP. Need to add ten contact centre staff quickly? With VoIP that’s no problem. Starting a project with a partner in another country and need video conferencing? No upgrade required, many systems allow this type of facility to be simply bolted on.

Better Customer Service

The accurate call statistics and advanced call management features of VoIP systems mean that your business can be more proactive in helping customers. The Avaya IP Office system is particularly good for this, and can help you improve customer experience and engagement with an advanced auto attendant, voicemail and call flow options.

Quicker Access to New Features

Many VoIP systems take much of their functionality from the software that is installed on the desktop PC’s, laptops and smartphones of your staff.  To allow access to advanced features often only a change of settings or a software upgrade is required. Contrast this with having to physically install or upgrade your phone systems to get an idea of how much easier VoIP is to manage.

VoIP has matured rapidly over the past few years as business demand has increased. Correspondingly the features offered by such systems have become more advanced. With ISDN being phased out by 2025, VoIP is looking like a solid performer that will fill the gap and drive business productivity forward.

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