Moving from ISDN to SIP

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It’s the talk of the town at the moment: migrating from ISDN to SIP.

whitepaperISDN has been a standard for so long that you might have concerns about moving away from a service that gives you good call quality, flexibility and more capacity.

But like all things in the world of Technology, ISDN lines are beginning to be phased out by replacement SIP Trunks. We understand that many businesses may be dubious about this move, and so we’ve written a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about Business SIP Trunks and how migrating across to SIP works.


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Benefits of SIP Trunks versus ISDN


SIP Trunk Myths Debunked


How it works: A Step-by-Step guide to migrating to SIP


Scenarios: How SIP Trunks can help

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