Recommend a friend.

What is Recommend a Friend?

Tell your friends and family why they’ll think Solution IP are great & get up rewards.

It’s really easy to recommend a friend, and when they join we’ll knock up to £25 off your bill and theirs. Or choose an different reward.

And now you can add your teammates too if they work from a different site – even if you’re on the same account. So get your connections thinking about what better voice and network services with us.

Choose your reward

A donation of £25 to NHS Charities Together.

A £25 Amazon voucher as a personal thank you.

Both you and your friend get up to £25 off your bill.

Why make a referral?

Your friends and professional connections can enjoy a service from a specialists like Solution IP which you’d recommend. And you’re not alone, read our Feefo testimonials here.

Both of you get up to £25 off your bill or choose another reward.

You get money off each time a friend or connection joins. And you can recommend as many times as you like.

Everyone’s a winner.

How Recommend a Friend works

Tell your friends or connections why they’ll like Solution IP, it could be our service desk and the support you get day to day or the ease with which we deployed a service to your sites. Or perhaps you like to support local business.

1. If they’re happy to hear from us, give us their details

2. Your friends or connections join Solution IP and pays a monthly invoice.

3. You both get money off your bill. Or you choose another reward. There are options on the recommendation form.

Terms and conditions

Solution IP pay monthly customers Recommend a Friend: both get up to £25 off their bills when Friend enters into a new account or is added to the customer’s account. Friend needs to successfully become a Solution IP client within 60 days of referral.  Amount Customer and Friend could get off bill will depend on which tariff friend successfully joins.

Recommendation: a recommendation by a Customer to a Friend via this page or email

Customer: the person who is already a Solution IP customer and who makes a Recommendation for a Friend to join Solution IP.

Friend: the person who has received a Recommendation from a Customer to join Solution IP.

We/us: Solution IP Limited

By participating as a Customer, you confirm that you have your Friend’s permission to recommend them, and that you agree to the terms and conditions, including that Step 1 and Step 2 below must be completed.

By participating as a Friend after receiving a Recommendation invitation from a Customer, you acknowledge that the Customer had your permission to recommend you, and that you agree to the terms and conditions, including that Step 1 and Step 2 below must be completed.

Personal information supplied as part of the Promotion will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy or as directed in these terms and conditions.

We, at our absolute discretion, reserve the right to withdraw the Recommend a Friend proposition at any time.

Making a Recommendation

Only Solution IP can recommend a Friend to join Solution IP by making a Recommendation.

Recommendation must be received before the Friend enters into the new agreement or the saving will not apply.

Recommendations cannot be made other than by using the website at:

The Customer must ensure that they have the Friend’s proper permission to share their details with us. The Friend will be provided with the name of the Customer in the call and email messages. If the Friend has previously asked not to be recommended again, they cannot be recommended by Customer.

The Customer cannot recommend someone who is already a Solution IP customer, or someone who has been a Solution IP customer before being recommended.

The Customer cannot recommend someone who has already been recommended, until 60 days after their previous Recommendation has expired.

Colleagues of Solution IP are excluded from making Recommendations and receiving any money off discounts.

Receiving a Recommendation

Following a Recommendation, we will contact the Friend by a call with an Account Manager and email using the details provided by the Customer to let the Friend know that the Customer has recommended them and explain what the Friend needs to do to meet the relevant conditions.

We will only contact the Friend for the purposes of following up the Recommendation.

Step 1: Qualification conditions which Friend needs to meet to join Solution IP

The Friend must enter into a new account or be added to the customer’s account.

The Friend must successfully join Solution IP on an eligible tariff within 60 days of the Recommendation.

Step 2: Qualification conditions which Customer and Friend need to meet to receive money off their bills

For the Customer to receive the money off their bills, the following conditions must be met within 55 days of the date of the successful port-in by the Friend:

Both the Friend and Customer have received one bill;

Both the Friend and Customer must have passed their cooling-off period and still be a Solution IP customer 30 days after.

The money off discount will be in the form of a one-off bill credit applied to each of the monthly accounts that the Customer and Friend belong to. If both Customer and Friend belong to the same account, both discounts will be applied to the same account. Money off discounts have no cash value and are not refundable if either Customer or Friend leave Solution IP. Money off discounts cannot be transferred between Solution IP accounts.

Both the Customer and Friend will receive money off their bill of the same value once all the terms and conditions of the Promotion have been met. The Customer and the Friend must meet all the terms and conditions of this Promotion before the money off their bill will be applied.

For the £25 donation and Amazon voucher, we will await the same time periods and qualification criteria and notify the customer of the donation or send the Amazon voucher through an online voucher scheme.

We will withhold the bill discount if we reasonably suspect fraudulent/suspicious activity.

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