Curtis Banks: A SIP Trunking and Relocation Case Study

How we transformed this specialist pension provider’s telephony infrastructure, prepared them for growth and relocated them to bigger, better premises.


Curtis Banks SIP Trunking Case Study

Curtis Banks are DIY Pensions Specialists based in Bristol

Curtis Banks are providers of self-invested pension schemes. The company is experiencing rapid growth and success, and wanted to update their technology to help this growth continue. Their headquarters are in Bristol, and they have presence in Dundee and Leicester.

The company came to us with complex and varied business challenges related to growth and resilience. We designed a converged solution that answered all of their objectives and prepared the business for further success.

No 3 Temple Quay Bristol Curtis Banks

Curtis Banks’ impressive new HQ location

The Challenges


Challenge 1 - Relocation

Curtis Banks’ main objective was to relocate the company’s HQ to a new site within a few months from the date we were approached. Moving to bigger and better premises meant that they could expand their team and provide better customer service. They wanted to be operational on the day of the move, which meant relocating all numbers, legacy services and hardware in a way that did not interfere with business operations.


Challenge 2 - Upgrade of existing systems using SIP trunk technology

The company also wanted to upgrade their existing telephony and connectivity to something more modern and flexible. Growth is a key objective for Curtis Banks. We made them aware of the business benefits of SIP Trunking, which we felt could improve the way the business operated for the better.


Challenge 3 - Setting up a disaster recovery plan

Curtis Banks needed a disaster recovery plan in place that was fail-safe, protecting the business in the event of any outage or other occurrence.


Challenge 4 - Performance tracking

Finally, Curtis Banks wanted control when it came to call recording and monitoring, and visibility around call statistics so they could better service their clients, track KPIs, and increase retention rates.

Our Solution

The Relocation

We scoped out a detailed moving plan which took care of moving all numbering, telephony and data, including porting all the existing numbers, moving across the existing Avaya IP Office telephone system (and rolling out Avaya One-X on all PCs for phone control), and relocating the existing fibre Leased Line.

SIP Trunking

The relocation of Curtis Banks to new offices provided an ideal opportunity to upgrade their infrastructure and move over to a scalable SIP Trunking model. The company had previously experienced issues with SIP Trunking being incorrectly deployed over an inadequate managed internet service, meaning there were no Quality of Service guarantees in place. We worked hard to reassure Curtis Banks that when deployed correctly, SIP had significant business advantages.

We replaced the existing ISDN30 service with 20 SIP Trunks delivered over a new Leased Line connection. This Leased Line would also act as added resilience to the primary Leased Line we were migrating over.

Curtis Banks were also drawn to the flexibility SIP Trunking offers in relation to multiple, unlimited DDIs. We ported across all 120 of the company’s existing DDIs from the ISDN30 connection to SIP, and added a new sequential range of 0117 Bristol based numbers. We also paired all of the old DDI numbers with this new range to ensure staff received any legacy DDI calls.


As well as migrating over an existing Leased Line from the old to the new site, we installed a new Leased Line with part of it reserved for voice only, and another part set aside as the data failover in the event of any outage. Having two different networks in operation reduced the risks and enabled Curtis Banks to be fully resilient.

Digital to IP Handset Migration

The company had a combination of digital and IP handsets already. We upgraded the company’s remaining digital handsets to IP handsets as part of the relocation project, so that everything was kept streamlined throughout the site. We used the 1600 series IP deskphones from Avaya.

Call Recording, Monitoring and Reporting

Curtis Banks wanted Automatic Call Recording, and the added functionality of allowing several users to collect voice recordings if necessary. They also wanted to monitor call statistics.  We didn’t feel that their current solution was the best available, or security compliant, so we recommended integrating Call Recording with TIM Plus from Tri-Line, and configured the software to Curtis Banks’ requirements.


Curtis Banks brought in a Receptionist to manage all mainline calls, and reduce dependency on the hunt group. A switchboard was needed for the mainline that could handle several lines. We recommended Soft Console, as we felt it had the features a Receptionist would need. Our Engineer provided full training to the new Receptionist so that she could hit the ground running.

Additional Sites

Curtis Banks had a new site at Pointon York, in Leicester. Communication between sites needed to be easy and reliable. We linked this site to the main system, so Curtis Banks team members can call between sites on internal extension numbering. We also replaced the subsidiary legacy telephony with a new system (Avaya IP office 500 v2).

 Outcomes and benefits


Porting all numbers & moving the business across to SIP with no disruption to business


Moving the business fully onto an IP network from Digital technology.


Installing a Leased Line with dedicated voice bandwidth & resilience fail-over, for disaster recovery planning.


Managing all DDIs, moving existing ranges & setting up new ranges


Installing call recording & monitoring software, improving the company’s call handling abilities


An end-to-end project management service


Connecting other offices to the main system for easier inter-site communications


Full training for users who needed it, meaning the team can confidently make use of the technology at their disposal


Peace of mind with our on-going maintenance services


Increased capacity at the new site, allowing the business to bring in new members of staff & boost their resources

“Solution IP understood from the beginning what our business challenges were, and what our hopes for the future were. We are driven by our need to deliver nothing but the best customer service, and by our own desire to manage our growth whilst ensuring business continuity at all times.

Solution IP worked tirelessly to meet our objectives, and have delivered us a solution that responded to our needs and has greatly benefitted our customers and business already. The bespoke solution they designed was put in place swiftly and seamlessly, from behind the scenes.

As a company we have seen real business benefits already as a result of our migration and infrastructure upgrade, and most importantly we feel confident that we are always able to service our clients and meet our service SLAs.

The team at Solution IP continue to support us whenever we need them to. They are always professional, knowledgeable and quick to respond to any queries or issues. Most importantly, they understand how we work and we can trust them to get the job done.”

Kristian Morgans

Operations Director, Curtis Banks HQ

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