Kirby Sheppard’s streamlined communications infrastructure

Kirby Sheppard Solicitors was established in the 1960’s, and has three offices in and around the Bristol area, employing over 75 staff.

The Partners and all employees of Kirby Sheppard Solicitors are committed to the provision of a wide range of legal services to both business and private customers.

The Solution

Solution IP had been recommended by another client, and were invited in to review the existing communications infrastructure. Kirby Sheppard had been using 117 individual telephone lines across the three different office sites.

Solution IP, after analysing Kirby Sheppard’s growing operational needs, recommended a new Avaya telephone system to be installed across the three sites.  In reducing the number of actual telephone lines required, we were able to keep the overall costs to Kirby Sheppard to a minimum.

‘SOLUTION IP have provided us with outstanding service and support from day one. They really take the time to understand our business and deliver the solutions we need.’

Having demonstrated comprehensively the ease of use and range of features available on the proposed new Avaya system, Kirby Sheppard were more than happy to proceed. The end solution agreed upon was three Avaya IP Office systems, new display screen handsets, and operator consoles for the receptionists. Incoming and outgoing calls were to be managed using a multi-site call logger solution which also provides in-house billing for a tenant, and all users were to have built in voicemail and on-request call recording.

Why the Avaya System

Asked about the decision to adopt the Avaya communications platform, our client said, “I had used and managed Avaya communications before in previous roles, and I was aware of how easy it was to administer.” he went on to say, “I can now make changes to the system programming for new extensions or new users.”

The Installation

“The installation took place over three days but Solution IP were able to deploy the new solution without interruption to our business, which is important to both us and our clients.” When asked whether the project had been completed on time, he said, “The new equipment was actually delivered ahead of schedule, giving us the confidence we needed that the project would take place on time, which it did, thanks to Solution IP.”

New System Benefits

Commenting on the benefits of the new communications solution, the client commented, “Naturally the cost saving on the number of telephone lines has been a massive benefit, and the staff have all been very happy with the new system. It has been easy for them to get used to the new handsets and features. We can simply dial extension numbers to call colleagues in the other offices and having the call recording available is a plus.” He went on to say, “The receptionists all like the operator consoles and the way the systems are integrated, which means that calls to a single number are rotated between offices, each with the ability to see who is available at the other locations to take a call.”

In Summary

Asked to sum up the experience of partnering with Solution IP for their communications, “They are a good team who really know their stuff. Solution IP have been very fast, professional and responsive to our requests. They have been a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to recommend  them to other customers.”

Solution IP have been very fast, professional and responsive to our requests. They have been a pleasure to work with.

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