Danosa: A Gamma Horizon Case Study

We helped Danosa to move across to a Hosted solution, preparing them for future growth whilst simplifying their administration and eliminating their UK call charges.

About Danosa

Danosa are waterproofing, thermal and acoustic installation experts, with production and logistics centres in the UK and across Europe. They pride themselves on their sustainable solutions, innovative approach and the ongoing commitment to improvement
and diversification. Quality and Service is a key part of their philosophy.

The Challenges


They had several sites in the UK on different PBX-based phone systems. There was no centralised phone system that was easily scalable to prepare them for further growth.


Danosa was paying for calls between sites. They were also paying monthly fees for calls to UK local, national and mobiles.


They were hoping to relocate to different premises in the future and were aware that the phone system was not easily portable to a new site, or set up to allow them to easily expand.

Danosa needed a centralised system, easy to use by staff across all sites. They also wanted to ensure that the right infrastructure was in place to prepare them for future growth, whilst keeping telephony costs low. 

The Objectives


Move to a single, centralised phone system across all UK sites

Having multiple sites on a centralised system that everyone can use easily was very important.


Prepare for future growth, success and relocation

Danosa needed to ensure that the company’s business communications infrastructure was set up to allow for future growth and expansion.


Reduce call costs

Danosa was paying more than they need to for intersite calls or calls to mobiles.


Improve staff performance

Move all users to an easy-to-use, feature-rich and familiar phone system

Our Solution

A full review of the current setup and services, to see where we could make improvements.

We also completed a bill analysis to identify any savings that could be made.

We upgraded the company’s existing connectivity from a 20mb line to a 40mb, fully managed Leased Line.

We then recommended that Danosa move their UK users over to a fully hosted Horizon Phone System.

We then took the group through our tried and tested pre-installation process, building the system at our head office and taking into account all number porting, DDI distribution, and geographical numbering.

We then set up a personalised auto-attendant with the option to dial specific extensions, for more efficient call routing and  handling.

Once the new Horizon system was installed, we carried out full on-site training.

Danosa are now beginning to explore extra features and applications, such as the mobile app.

 Outcomes and benefits

We upgraded the connectivity at the UK office to a dedicated, high-speed, uncontended 40mb leased line

We moved the UK head office onto a flexible, feature-rich Hosted solution

We eliminated any UK call charges

We eliminated the need for ongoing system maintenance or update costs

We delivered a simple, flexible and easy to control phone system

We installed feature-rich, HD Voice quality handsets

We prepared the ground for Danosa UK to easily relocate to bigger premises and for future expansion

“When we began working with Solution IP, it was immediately obvious that they understood the needs of our rapidly growing business. The system they installed is full of useful features ,and the whole process of moving across to Hosted was managed with no disruption to our business.”

Jay Smith

Operations Director, Danosa

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