Global Financial Services Group drives remote workforce productivity with Solution IP.

Spanning 12 years, our work with this Financial Services giant has adapted to new technologies, supporting with a ICT foundation enabling a digital transformation journey from on premise to cloud across multiple sites.

About our client

A leading Financial Service group with a HQ located in the city of London that prides itself on providing a high performance environment. 

In 2020, we assessed the technology in place and identified some short comings in the existing voice communications platform to support their new way of working. These have been highlighted due to the recent events with Covid-19 and the future scale and growth capabilities.

The Challenges


 PBXs in sites required individual administration, with new sites adding to increased onsite management and engineering resource.

Staff were restricted in terms of when and where they could work. They could not work from different sites or locations very easily or flexibly.

Challenges of communication for remote workforce including call routing and monitoring.

Our client needed a streamlined, centrally managed phone system solution that was also resilient and allowed users to work flexibly. Greater call statistic accuracy was also needed.

Outcomes and benefits

A simplified project path with defined goals and milestones.
Clear per user pricing

Omnichannel communications workflows enabling users to improve productivity and visibility. For example, you can integrate our voice solutions with CRM platforms. 

The Solution


Avaya Private Cloud

A networking solution collapsing the silos of past cloud archetypes and delivering private cloud capabilities at a public cloud speed.


Security with Fortinet

The group needed an effective disaster recovery solution in place that worked across multiple locations, protecting them against risks such as local power outages.


Business mobiles

Single billing, across O2 and Vodafone networks with competitive busienss rates only available through our wholesale channel. 


Hosted video as a service

A cornerstone of our UCaaS solution for impromtu and sceduled video calls from anywhere.

Interested in Avaya Private Cloud and Fortinet Security?

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