Call Assist’s new bespoke IP Telephone System and backup

Call Assist is a Vehicle Breakdown and Rescue company based in Colchester, offering services such as car recovery, classic car recovery, bike recovery and varied other types of assistance, including Out of Hours Accident Services. Call Assist prides itself in reaching customers quickly and effecting a roadside repair by working closely with a network of recovery agents within the UK and also Europe.


Business Challenges

Due to the nature of its  services and the commitment Call Assist has to its clients, it is extremely important for Call Assist to be able to operate its Control Centre on a 24 hour basis at all times. To that end, Call Assist needed a reliable, adaptive telephony system with full support in the event of any system outage or other failure.


Our approach

Solution IP provided Call Assist with a bespoke IP Telephone system, designed to meet its specific needs and support the responsive, emergency-based nature of their business operation. Aside from the installation of mixed IP/TDM handsets in their 180 seat call centre, we provide Call Assist with a 24/7/365 support contract. This contract provides Mitel telephone system maintenance whenever Call Assist needs it, providing the company with complete peace of mind when it comes to business continuity and fulfilling the SLAs required by its clients.

We also designed and set up a full second site redundancy facility: a system installed in Sudbury, which acts as a backup site in the event of any system failure. Call Assist needs to be able to continue working seamlessly in the event of any system failure or outage and this redundancy site is configured to allow the business to continue without  disruption or knock-on effect to their client base.



Call Assist is very happy with the partnership it has with Solution IP to date. We continue to think about how the company can best meet its operational objectives,  actively reviewing its systems and services to see which potential upgrades might be in order. The backup redundancy facility offers continuing peace of mind and means that the company can be confident in servicing its clients.

“We are extremely happy with the service we’ve received from Solution IP. They fully understood our need for business continuity at all times and responded to that with a system that meets all our objectives whilst being fully supported.”

Steve Rawlings

Telecoms Manager, Call Assist Ltd

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