We helped Brightpearl relocate and installed a new telephone system to enable them to cope with future growth

About Brightpearl

Bright Pearl case study

Brightpearl develop, sell and support web based software for small businesses. Their cutting edge technologies help retailers and wholesalers sell on line, offering any size business the on line tools that were previously only available to large organisations. Brightpearl competes with traditional software providers such as Sage and replaces many of the Excel spread sheets that a business would use.

The company has been running for 3 years. In the last 12 months, Brightpearl has grown from 5 to 35 staff and raised 4 million pounds in venture capital.

Business Challenges

This growth has presented some technological challenges as Director Andrew Mulvenna explained, “We have 600 businesses a month being set up on our software, which provides a huge technological challenge. We have thousands and thousands of customers using Brightpearl at any one time. Those people need support and need our phone lines to be available. So for us it is very important that our phone system is always working, which it is thanks to Solution IP.”

Case Study

A refreshing approach to business communications…

Software Developers Brightpearl enjoy outstanding support from Solution IP. Talking about how Brightpearl were introduced to Solution IP, Andrew Mulvenna said, “We first met Patrick and the team at Solution IP about a year ago when we had 5 staff. We needed some help understanding the best way to scale the business using reliable telephone and internet infrastructures.”

“Solution IP came in and explained what systems would work for 5 staff now, but could be scaled over time as we grow, said Director Andrew Mulvenna in the Brightpearl offices in Bristol. Some of Brightpearl’s industry awards time when there would be 30-40 staff. This covered both the internet and phones.”

“When Solution IP came in to install our telephone system there were only 2 or 3 telephones, but we invested in the recommended infrastructure that we knew would scale when needed.

When we got to the point when we needed to move offices Solution IP made moving our system and adding additional handsets very simple.”

Choosing Solution IP

Asked about why Brightpearl had chosen Solution IP to carry out the office move and provide them with the growing infrastructure, Andrew Mulvenna said, “At the time of the office move I went out to tender with 3 different suppliers to prove that we were adopting the right solution for our business. The alternative proposals required significant up-front investment, as well as higher ongoing support costs. That said, the main reason I chose Solution IP was because I wanted to work with a team that I knew and could trust.”

Andrew went on to say, “Previously when I needed support, I dropped the Solution IP helpdesk a line and it was picked up straight away. On one occasion I sent Solution IP an email at 11.00 pm and got a response within 5 minutes, which was outstanding.”

Why the Mitel System?

Asked why Brightpearl had chosen a Mitel phone system, Andrew replied, “We did look at a telephone system from a different manufacturer but we found the Mitel system recommended by Solution IP, offered the features and functionality we wanted at the right price. The team all like the Mitel system and our call centre, which has grown to 15 people, find the system works well for them, enabling them to manage incoming and out going calls effectively.”

Support from Solution IP

Asked about the support Brightpearl had received, Andrew replied, “Solution IP respond very quickly to our request for information concerning the office move, providing quotes and recommendations. Solution IP responds quickly to any issues and keep us informed of progress.”

“Telephones and internet are complex stuff and to know there is a team ready to support you at the drop of a hat is exactly what we need to keep this business moving forward. Darren and the support team at Solution IP just fix things quickly. Solution IP have trained one of our administration team to carry out some local configuration such as adding new users, so that we can manage our day-to-day business needs in-house.

In Summary

In summing up Andrew said, “My experience of Solution IP has been excellent. I would recommend any company that is considering relocating. Get the Solution IP team in early, because they will help assess the internet and telecoms needs to make sure you have the right solution going forwards. Throughout the implementation the support has been superb.”



“The support team at Solution IP just fix things quickly… throughout the implementation, the support has been superb.”

Andrew Mulvenna


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