Barcan + Kirby: An Avaya Server Edition Case Study

We helped one of Bristol’s leading law firms to make the move from a traditional PBX phone system to a centralised, cloud-based system.
To maximise their resilience, we further moved them from ISDN to SIP.

About Barcan + Kirby

Barcan + Kirby is a leading Bristol law firm that prides itself on providing a high standard of client care. Their business is spread across seven sites in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Each site had their own on-premise phone system and PBX, split between 180 users.

The Challenges

Each site’s PBX required individual administration, which was costly and time-consuming
Staff were restricted in terms of when and where they could work. They could not work from different sites or locations very easily or flexibly
There was no reliable Disaster Recovery solution in place as each site was on a local ISDN breakout
Despite the need to understand how staff handled customer calls, the system lacked accurate call reporting data
Finally, there was no standard handset used across the sites, making hot-desking for visiting staff difficult

Barcan + Kirby needed a streamlined, centrally managed phone system solution that was also resilient and allowed users to work flexibly. Greater call statistic accuracy was also needed.

The IP Office Suite from Avaya

The Objectives


ISDN to SIP upgrade

A complete review of all existing data connections, followed by an ISDN to SIP upgrade to maximise resilience

Full resilience

The company needed an effective disaster recovery solution in place that worked across multiple locations, protecting them against risks such as local power outages

A Cloud-based system

More control, streamlined administration, scalability – all to be achieved with a Cloud-based, centrally managed system (Avaya’s Server Edition of IP Office)


Have better insights into call performance


Standardise handsets and equipment across the company

Our Solution

A full onsite review of the current data infrastructure was done by our expert engineers, highlighting any potential scope for improvements.
We designed and implemented a managed, multi-site SIP Trunking solution, which included an auto-failover to a backup server to maximise disaster resilience.
Our Provisioning team and Project Manager put together a project delivery schedule, including aspects such as number porting, a data and system installation timeline, cabling requirements etc.
The designated Project Manager ensured that Barcan + Kirby were kept informed with regular project updates throughout the process, giving them peace of mind.
The migration to the new cloud-based Avaya Server Edition system went smoothly, with no interruptions or downtime.
Once the system was set up, we delivered our extensive on-site training to Barcan + Kirby’s staff, ensuring they were comfortable with all the features of the new system, making the transition seamless.
Standardised handsets were installed across all sites, giving users confidence in using the equipment, not matter which office they were working from.
We concluded the project with a full post-installation review to identify any possible problems.

 Outcomes and benefits

We replaced the firm’s multiple ISDN channels with centralised, resilient, scalable SIP Trunks
We consolidated the existing system into one centralised solution
Costs were cut by eliminating individual PBX maintenance expenses
Call performance was improved as a result of accurate reporting, leading to faster call answering times
Reception resources were used more effectively as a result of real-time call reporting
Calls were limited to UK landlines and mobiles, leading to a reduced call spend across the business
Easy to use handsets across the board help to make day-to-day operations more efficient

“Solution IP clearly understood our business. They designed a solution that matched our objectives and business requirements. Everything was fully managed from start to finish, and the training they provided our firm was excellent. They ensured that all staff were comfortable with the new handsets, and that our business understood all the functionality and setup of the system.
The aftercare support is as good as the installation was. We are extremely happy with Solution IP, and look forward to continuing to work with them.

Barcan + Kirby

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