Installing Avaya IP Office 500 v2 transforms how Pet Drugs Online work & dramatically improves Customer Satisfaction levels


About Pet Drugs Online

Pet Drugs Online Screenshot Pet Drugs Online are a registered Veterinary practice and online pet pharmacist, set up and run by Vets since 2005, and governed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

They specialise in supplying pet owners with a large array of prescriptions, food, health and well-being products from a multitude of brands, for a diverse mix of pets and animals.

Due to the online retail nature of their business, and the high demand that exists for their product line and services, it is business critical for the company to have a robust communications infrastructure. This includes a supporting the call centre so that the Customer Service and Operations team can adequately handle the high volumes of inbound calls they receive on a day to day basis.

Business Challenges

Prior to 2012, Pet Drugs Online were based in a rural location that came with an inadequate communications infrastructure.

The business operated around four telephone lines. The company were, however, experiencing between 300 to 400 inbound calls a day, a level of interest that the existing infrastructure just could not cope with. The reliability of what was in place was also questionable, with call lines failing continually, resulting in lost calls and significantly impacting the way the business could operate. With these problems becoming more and more critical in nature, they decided to relocate to a property that was better connected via Fibre broadband . They decided to utilise this connectivity and upgrade their telephony system at the same time as moving premises.

Managing Director Simon Sutton says: “We came to Solution IP as BT provided a date 8 weeks in the future from the point of consultation, and then continued to push this date out, resulting in non-delivery after non-delivery. Solution IP presented an alternative solution, and delivered on it the following Thursday! They have continued to deliver since. All of the combined resources of BT are still no match for the Solution IP team in Bristol.”

The Solution

Avaya IP Office 500 v2 control unit

The v2 Control Unit for Avaya IP Office

In a nutshell, Pet Drugs Online needed a reliable business telephony solution that allowed them to efficiently handle the high levels of inbound calls they received.

They also needed complete visibility around call statistics, both in a visible form within the call centre and in terms of reporting available via the system.

Additionally, they wanted a scalable system that was able to intelligently route calls when a customer service agent was not available, and a professional answer machine facility as well.

Solution IP reviewed these objectives, and, after a comprehensive site visit and report, decided that the best system to help the company to meet their objectives was Avaya’s IP Office 500 v2 solution. We fully managed the relocation of the company’s communications infrastructure to the new site, making sure that the installation of the new IP Office system was seamlessly handled, and that turnaround was fast, with minimum disruption to the business (Read our product review to find out more about IP Office). This speed of installation was helped both by the easy to install nature of the Avaya IP Office product and by the delivery of their system via SIP trunks– 12 channels in total. 16 users were set up on the system, with the option of increasing this number easily should the company wish to. We also provided Wall boards so that call statistics could be easily seen within the business, and installed Avaya’s Customer Call Reporter (CCR) enabling management to get clear and detailed statistics on call behaviour, and monitor productivity. We set up call recording, voicemail pro for out of hours call handling and routing, and installed new Digital Avaya 1416 handsets.

Digital 1416 deskphone from Avaya

Avaya 1416 digital deskphone

We also provided complete professional training to end user staff, ensuring they understood how to use the new system fully before leaving them to handle calls. There is a server onsite that Solution IP continue to manage, meaning any changes that are needed to the system can be implemented with no hassle.

The Outcome

Pet Drugs Online saw a dramatic improvement to their business within weeks of moving to the new site and new system. Within 3 months of the new system going live, the company saw their call answer rate improve to 90% of all inbound calls being answered. These calls were also being answered within the 30 second response time window they aimed for. This had a direct effect on their Customer approval rating, which rose consistently month after month. It also meant that not only were their customers much happier, but that employee satisfaction levels rose dramatically too, a result of being able to handle inbound calls more quickly and efficiently.

The company were able to see clearly for the first time their call statistics, and went from a position of being left in the dark about their telephony performance to having access to full reporting and intelligence. This means that they can continually review their performance and management are able to deal with any issues in a timely fashion. Staff have found the Avaya IP Office system easy to use and intuitive. It has increased productivity within the workplace noticeably.

Solution IP continue to work with Pet Drugs Online to deliver their communications needs and hope that this partnership lasts long into the future.

‘Solution IP have radically altered the way we work, for the better.

The best thing about working with them is that while the transformation to our infrastructure has been dramatic, it has also been technically invisible- great things happened behind the scenes which meant we could arrive at our new site, plug in the phones and go. The impact on our business has been radical- we are more responsive, more efficient and more aware when it comes to handling our calls’

Simon Sutton

Managing Director, Pet Drugs Online

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