Telephone System Training for Businesses

Get the most out of your Business Phone System with our Bristol based Mitel, Avaya and Horizon experts

Why does my business need expert Training for Telephone Systems?

Whether you are planning on buying a brand new business phone system, or have an existing telephone system and aren’t sure how to use all the features and applications properly, the experts here at Solution IP can help. With our tailored training solutions, you could:

Get the most out of your Phone System investment - understand all the features and functionalities


Make sure your business is ready to go as soon as your new phone system is installed- meaning no down-time for your company


Increase employee efficiency- empower them to properly use all the tools your system can offer


Protect your public image- never miss, drop or fumble a call or transfer again


What phone system training do we offer?

Our Bristol based experts can offer training on Mitel, Avaya and Horizon telephone systems. We can show you and your employees everything you need to know about your phone system in order to carry out your daily duties effectively.

We offer Train the Team training, where we work with groups of users in one go. We can also provide more specific Train the Trainer sessions, aimed at giving your dedicated master-user the information they need to train others within your company.

Our structured end-user training covers everything from user voicemail set-up, call forwarding and diverts, how to use the system’s handsets properly, hot key use, how to use any software that comes with the system, softphone use, managing contacts, group calling, and much more. When needed, we can also train users as system administrators. We tailor our instruction to suit your company’s needs, and will talk to you about what you need before we arrive on site.

Our packages are as follows:

Train the trainer

Bringing phone system manager completely up to speed

Train the Team

In-depth training for end-user groups of any size

Administrator Training

How to use the Administration software and manage systems effectively

Each training is available at the following lengths and prices:

Half Day:


Full Day:


Bespoke Sessions:

Price on Application

All of our training sessions are carried out over half days or full days, depending on your needs, and we can visit you at your offices or wherever is most convenient for you.

Make sure your business can continue to operate efficiently by preparing for your new phone system with dedicated end user training.

Interested in Telephone System Training? Get in touch, we’ll call you.

We also offer:

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