The Mitel MiVoice 250 Business Phone System

An affordable, flexible phone system ideal for small to medium sized enterprises
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We are specialists in delivering the MiVoice 250 phone system.

Our team of expert engineers based in Bristol can help you to increase productivity and improve collaboration with the industry-leading Mitel MiVoice Office 250 Communications Platform.

As Mitel system specialists, we understand how to ensure you get the most out of your business communications tools. We specialise in configuring this versatile platform to meet your specific business needs, and can also deliver bespoke Mitel Training services for any number of users, at your office. Once we’ve installed your solution, and ensured your users are trained up on all the features and applications, we can provide tailored Mitel support and maintenance services, designed to give you complete peace of mind should anything go wrong. Our dedicated support team and our skilled Mitel engineers are available to resolve issues either on-site or remotely, as required.


Why does my business need the Mitel 250 Phone System?

Simple to manage and deploy, making it a user-friendly solution for any business

Enhance both your employee and total business productivity, giving you excellent return of investment

Fits easily within your existing infrastructure, meaning less impact on your current system


Flexible and future-proof, meaning you can adapt as your business grows, and focus on getting your staff the right tools to maximise their efficiency and productivity

How does it work?

Mitel 5000 Telephone System Specialists BristolThe MiVoice Office 250 (formerly known as the Mitel 5000) system is designed to connect your employees no matter what their location or preferred style of working- whether on the road, on site, hot-desking or working from home. The solution is aimed at businesses of all sizes, but particularly well suited to medium sized companies looking to boost productivity, and to companies with multiple sites, which can all be linked to the central system. It is a cost efficient, reliable communications solution.

 You can read our product review here.

With a varied suite of productivity applications aimed at boosting efficiency and output, you can feel confident that the MiVoice 250 is a powerful, flexible system ideal for helping your business to grow and succeed:

MiVoice Office 250 Platform: be more productive and flexible with this cost-effective solution

What are the main features?

Nick Watkins

Managing Director, Thamesgate Group and MiVoice Office 250 user

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Mitel MiVoice 250 Product Review

We also offer:

Unified Voice Messaging


Music on Hold

Auto Attendant


Call Reporting


SIP Compatible

IP Phones, DECT, or Softphones

Automatic Call Distribution

Hunt Groups

The MiVoice 250 is also customisable, with moblity additions available including MiCollab and the Mitel MiCollab Client.

Investing in a versatile VoIP business telephone system like the MiVoice 250 is a big decision. Make sure you feel completely confident in your investment by using our expertise to deliver and support your Mitel system.

With such a wide range of features available, there are many business benefits to be gained from installing the MiVoice 250 solution:

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