The Mitel 3300 (MiVoice Business)

Unified Communications for larger enterprises
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Be more competitive with the Mitel 3300 (MiVoice Business) solution 

The MiVoice Business is an enterprise level business telephone system. It’s aimed at those companies who want a fully enabled Unified Communications solution, which can also include contact centre and cloud capabilities.


Why does my business need the Mitel 3300 Phone System?

Free your employees from their desks- work anywhere, from any device

Improve productivity and performance with a feature-rich phone system

Modernise and embrace Unified Communications- combine voice, email, mobility and more


Get peace of mind- plan for disaster recovery with multiple redundancy options

How does it work?

mitel 3300 mivoice controller

The 3300 Controller range allows companies of all sizes to roll out MiVoice Business in multiple environments

MiVoice Business is a flexible phone system that can be rolled out in a number of ways- IP-PBX, a media gateway for larger networks, and many more options.

It’s a scalable system that concentrates on bringing together all your communications elements into a single strategy, including voice, messaging, mobility, presence information, conferencing, productivity enhancing applications and collaboration.

What are the MiVoice Business system’s main features?

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We also offer:

Dynamic Extension

Dynamic Extension allows you to choose up to eight devices or numbers to direct calls to. Grouping multiple devices under one number like this means you can be reached no matter what number a caller dials.


MiVoice Business works with LAN/WAN and SIP.

Unified Messaging

Access messages anywhere, any time with a full featured vociemail system, including auto-attendant

Easy to manage and flexible installation

You can deploy the MiVoice Business in a number of ways- distributed, centralised or via the cloud

Manage via the web

Administrators can log in via the web and make systems changes that synchronise across your whole system automatically.


Log onto any phone from any office, or even outside of your offices

Find out how we could help your business embrace Unified Communications with the Mitel MiVoice Business system

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