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We have an extensive range of Avaya Digital and IP handsets and Deskphones, including the popular 1400 and 1600 series range.
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Our range of flexible, capable Avaya handsets and IP deskphones encourage productivity and collaboration

Our Avaya handsets are designed to complement the Avaya Telephone Systems we offer. They come with a broad set of features, offering solutions for all business types and sizes and catering for all types of staff. From a basic guest phone to a complete executive collaboration solution, there is an Avaya handset that will fit your requirements. Have a browse through the below handset catalogue to see which handset might suit your particular business needs.

1400 Series Digital Deskphones

The 1400 series is extremely versatile and is customisable. It comes with a range of accessories to extend functionality and is particularly suited to any growing business. The handsets offer a simple, contemporary design, a combination of fixed and softkeys, and advanced audio technology.

1403 Digital Deskphone

This simple and easy-to-use desk phone is built for the occasional user (i.e. visitors), thus perfect for common locations such as reception areas etc. Compatible with Avaya IP Office only.

1408 Digital Deskphone

A straightforward desk phone designed to enhance the productivity of office workers and sales agents.

1416 Digital Deskphone

Designed for receptionists, assistants, managers and other users who handle incoming calls and need to transfer customers or manage more than one line.

1600 Series IP Deskphones

The 1600 Series combine the features of both traditional and IP deskphones. These handsets offer an intuitive user interface, including user-friendly backlit displays and fixed keys for conference, transfer, and hold functionalities. The handsets can support from three to 16 line appearance/feature keys and display up to four lines.

1603 IP and 1603 SW IP Deskphone

Designed for public spaces such as reception areas. It comes with feature keys and dual LEDs to show the call status. The 1603 SW IP model has an extra 10/100 Ethernet port for a co-located laptop/PC.

1608 IP Deskphone

Suitable for users with basic needs, the Avaya handset 1608 comes with eight line appearance keys with dual LEDs. There are fixed feature keys for tasks such as conference, transfer, drop, hold and mute. A two-way speakerphone, jack for headset and an 10/100 Ethernet port for laptop/PC also come as standard.

1616 IP Deskphone

This desk phone is designed for users who monitor their own extensions in addition to other lines. There is a back-lit, hinged and adjustable display, headset jack and an extra 10/100 Ethernet port.

16CC AGENT Deskphone

Built for call-centre environments and designed with sales professionals in mind, the 16CC is a cost-effective SIP desk phone that brings ACD (automatic call distribution) to the agent desktop.

9500 Series Digital Deskphones

The Avaya 9500 series enables businesses to deliver full-featured, durable, highly reliable communications solutions that meet the different needs of many users. With smart design, crystal-clear sound, and intuitive features that are easy-to-use, the 9500 Series is ideal for mixed digital and IP telephony, and for companies seeking to upgrade from or add to existing Avaya endpoints.

9508 Digital Deskphone

A large, easy-to-read display, multiple feature keys, speed dials, and call logs make up some of the features of this deskphone. It has 24 configurable feature buttons on three levels, a two-way speakerphone, active call appearances for easier call handling, wired and wireless headset support, a context-sensitive interface, and four-way navigation.

9504 Digital Deskphone

This desk phone is designed for phone users with basic needs. It has 12 feature buttons, a high-quality speakerphone, wired and wireless headset support, a context-sensitive interface, and four-way navigation.

9600 Series IP Deskphones

The flagship 9600 phones feature top end functionality and form, with items such as large colour touch-screens and support for multiple lines and call centre management facilities.

9601 SIP Deskphone

A cost-effective SIP-only Deskphone designed for the everyday user and use in common office spaces and building areas.

9608 and 9608G Deskphone

Cost-effective and fully functional, the 9608 and the 9608G with added support for integrated gigabit is well suited to small to large companies. Access to eight lines, easy to administer graphic labels, and available in global and contact centre models, managing greetings and handles call monitoring etc.

9611G IP Deskphone

This model includes integrated gigabit and a USB interface. It comes with a generous 3.5 inch graphical colour display and white back-light and graphical labels. The graphic labels can be administered centrally.

9620 IP Deskphone

Robust feature set including status lights and buttons, and improved audio quality. Lower power consumption due to a Power over Ethernet Class 1 model.

9621G IP Deskphone

Gigabit capability and touchscreen functionality via a generous 4.3-inch colour touchscreen for ease of use and an enhanced user experience.

9630G and 9640G IP Deskphones

This deskphone has been engineered for professionals who are heavily reliant on phones. It has advanced IP-telephony features, including mobility applications.

9641G IP Deskphone

A desk phone that has advanced capabilities, a large 4.7 inch colour touchscreen, wide-band speaker, USB interface, and gigabit capability to the desktop. A contact centre model is available with simplified access to call monitoring, greetings and agent status updates etc.

9650 IP Deskphone

Perfect for receptionists and contact centre agents, or anyone who manages large volumes of in and outbound calls. Built-in function buttons and one-touch access.

9670G IP Deskphone

Access contacts and applications via a large colour touchscreen. An onscreen keyboard means that features are easy to use and help support employee productivity.

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