Assured Broadband for Voice

Specialist Voice specific Broadband that ensures the best quality calls
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Assured Broadband for Voice

Assured Broadband is a specialist type of business broadband. It is designed to deliver guaranteed voice calls of the best quality to and from your business. Assured is perfect for allowing you take advantage of Hosted Telephone Systems such as Horizon.

It’s also been designed to works in conjunction with ISDN alternatives such as SIP Trunking.

Why does my business need a dedicated voice only service?

Get peace of mind- this is an end-to-end service with an SLA of 99.95%

Standardise your communications- one provider, one reliability and quality standard across everything

Make the most of other technology- assured has been designed to work with Hosted and SIP

Improve your company image- voice traffic is prioritised, so your calls are optimum quality

Grow your business easily- with 5 to 30 channels available

How does it work?

This service is a complete, end-to-end IP Telephony solution, which should offer peace of mind for any company where connectivity is business critical. These assured IP services come with service guarantees, voice channel guarantees, a high quality router and guaranteed fault resolution times.

Having all the elements of your telephony in one place like this means the same standards of reliability and quality apply across the entirety of your voice communications. Additionally, you only have to deal with one supplier, which makes managing things much easier.

As we mentioned above, the Assured service is also a specialist product that is designed to work in conjunction with the other market leading VoIP services we offer, meaning you can have complete trust and confidence in your investment.

What are the main features?


Support up to 30 concurrent calls


5 to 30 channels available


Voice traffic is given priority, giving you the best quality calls


Uncontended connection with Quality of Service rules that apply


Cisco router included free of charge


24/7 support


Maximum download speed of 40 Mbps


Voice SLA of 99.95%


Effective replacement for ISDN

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