Unified Communications solutions

Unifiy the different elements of your communications into a single strategy

What are Unified Communications Solutions? 

It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard several times if you’ve been exploring new business communications solutions, telephone systems or connectivity. Although there are hundreds of definitions out there, we like to keep things simple.

When we talk about Unified Communications we mean this:

“Any communications solution that brings together all the different elements of how you communicate into a single offering”

What are the main benefits of Unified Communications?


Improved customer engagement


Ability to enable a mobile workforce


Dramatically improved productivity


Better cost control


Easy to collaborate


How does it work?

Put very simply, UC involves streamlining how you communicate externally and internally.

This involves things like redirecting emails and data to your mobile if you are out and about, or video-conferencing from any device or location. It could mean having a unified directory, enabling employees have access to information no matter what device they are using. It usually includes real time information such as Presence, which shows clearly whether an employee is available or not by giving them a visible ‘status’. Voicemail messages can be accessed via email, mobile, or desktop, depending on how the recipient chooses to work.

Unified Communications solutions are ultimately flexible and versatile, which is why so many companies are turning towards them.


What UC solutions are available?

Generally, most VoIP telephone systems of today are built around the idea of Unified Comms (UC). Providers are keen to make it as easy for a company as possible to manage all the different components of their communications. Businesses these days generally want to work smarter, be more efficient and service their customers better. UC solutions meet these objectives.

The Avaya, Mitel and Horizon business telephone solutions we offer their own versions of Unified Communications.

What does a Unified Comms strategy include?

A UC solution should include most of the applications and features your company uses to go about its every day business and communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers or partners. These are productivity boosting applications, including:


Reporting & Recording



Desktop Sharing

Presence information




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