Based in Bristol?

Company based in Bristol? Join the Gigabit revolution!

Dedicated, ultra-fast 1 Gb Fibre broadband for Bristol Businesses

As a Bristol based business ourselves, we understand how important it is for the growth and development of our wonderful city to have access to fast, reliable broadband.

We are now delighted to be able to bring you just that: dedicated, affordable Fibre with speeds of up to 1Gb available at a fraction of the cost of more traditional dedicated connectivity. It’s all possible thanks to the new Gigabit City network, an 82km network that is fast turning Bristol into one of the best connected cities in the UK.


Keep your business running, no matter what happens

The way we do business has changed: we rely upon web-based platforms, applications and programs. Everything from email to instant messaging, calls, video conferencing, banking, CRM, service desk queries and more relies on a fast broadband connection that won’t let you down.

Our Gigabit solution is backed up with robust SLAs and comes with 24/7 support from our Bristol based technical team.


Offer your customers a better experience

Quicker, more reliable communication, information sharing, and taking advantage of the most recent technologies such as VoIP to offer your customers a better experience and meet their ever-changing needs.

Reduce costs

Quick, reliable broadband means being able to host your telephone system in the Cloud, cutting down on expensive hardware costs and also saving on maintenance costs when that hardware needs servicing. You can also embrace online video conferencing, meaning you can reduce accommodation and travel costs for long-distance meetings. Our Gigabit solution is extremely cost-effective, and perfect for those companies looking for the same benefits as a Leased Line for a fraction of the cost.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Savvy enterprises know that fast broadband is vital if their business is to take advantage of newer technologies such as Internet Telephony (also known as VoIP), SIP Trunking, or a new, flexible and scalable business telephone system that can radically alter the way a business operates, for the better.

Boost productivity

Better Broadband means better productivity. With speeds of up to 1GB, downloading and uploading data is easier, streaming media is seamless, and business software runs faster, without interruptions.

Boost your business with scalability strategies

A fast fibre connection will enable you to bring new protocols into your business that can actively encourage business growth and success. SIP Trunking, for example, is a form of internet telephony that can be scaled up or down instantaneously when you need to employ more staff to handle busy periods. You can easily connect other offices to your central system, and also put robust Disaster Recovery plans in place, meaning operations can continue as usual even if your building is caught up in a major event. 

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