Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) Services

Use your existing broadband and ethernet infrastructure to boost your connectivity
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GEA (Generic Ethernet Access) Services

GEA is a service that uses existing Broadband and Ethernet networks to provide a cost-efficient connectivity solution that is backed up with firm guarantees. Our Bristol based team are experts at looking what infrastructure your business already has, and enhancing it for you. GEA is a quick to install, uncontended service that will allow you to move towards VoIP and the Cloud should your business be ready.

Why does my business need a GEA service?

Be more efficient- use your existing infrastructure to super charge your business

Provide better customer service- a guaranteed connection and backup in place means no down-time

Be more competitive- embrace VoIP and the Cloud with your faster connectivity

Enhance operations and productivity- with an uncontended connection you won't have to share

How does it work?

GEA Services diagram


A bit like an FTTC connection, GEA is delivered over the copper wires already there between your building and the cabinet in the street. Fibre then continues the connection to the exchange. After that point, traffic is carried by Ethernet. This means the connection is dedicated to your business and uncontended. Speeds of up to 20Mbps are available, and the service is guaranteed by SLAs and a back to normal service within 9 working hours guarantee, in the event of a circuit failure. Extra backup connectivity is also available for complete peace of mind (most companies choose an extra ADSL backup connection for Disaster Recovery purposes).

What are the main features?


Connection speeds of up to 20 Mbps (up and down)


Quick to install (up to 18 working days)


Uses your existing infrastructure, so installation costs are reduced


SLAs, back up connectivity and a return to service promise within 9 working hours


Uncontended connection dedicated to your business


Suitable for VoIP telephony

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