Faster business broadband delivered via traditional copper telephone lines
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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL & ADSL2+)

ADSL is broadband delivered via traditional copper telephone lines. ADSL2+ is a type of this broadband that extends the capability of basic ADSL and offers faster download speeds, of up to 24Mb in some cases.


Why is ADSL important for my business?


Protect your business

ADSL connections are excellent as back-up connectivity to have in place as part of your Disaster Recovery plan. An extra connection can complement any existing connectivity you have, and enable your business to still make calls or access the internet in any event.


Be more efficient

You can use your connection for both Voice and Data at the same time.


Improve productivity

Faster up and download speeds mean that the essential tools and applications you use every day as a business will be much quicker, and more responsive.


Modernise your business

ADSL connectivity works with modern technologies like VoIP, meaning that you can improve your business telephone system quickly and in a cost-effective manner.


Prepare for the future

In 2025, BT are switching off their ISDN service. ADSL connections are great replacements for ISDN.

How does it work?


ADSL explantion diagram


ADSL is delivered over copper connections, and is stable and fast, secure and reliable. Our ADSL services come fully managed and we charge a fixed price per month, so you can easily plan and control costs.

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