Southampton City SkylineThis March, we are pleased to report that we have just opened a brand new office in Southampton.

Patrick Lincoln, Solution IP’s founder and director, announced the opening last week. ‘Southampton was a sensible choice for us,’ he explains. ‘Many of our clients are now based in this area, and we have solid relationships with suppliers and partners here too.”

He continues, “Having a presence in the South of the UK is natural progression for our company, as we have done so well building relationships in the South West of the UK. Our Headquarters will remain in Bristol, but we look forward to watching how our southern office will also develop and grow over the coming years.”

Commercial Manager Graham Green says: “This new office is a great development for the company, as it means we can better serve and support our rapidly expanding client base on the South coast. The office will have both Sales and Engineering resources based there, and provide us with an ideal opportunity to continue to build relationships”.

The new office opening is part of our exciting growth story, with 2016 predicted to be an interesting year for the company in terms of how we are improving service delivery, boosting our engineering resources and reviewing our products and services portfolio to offer more value to our clients.

You can reach our new office on 0238 202 9664.

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