Managed Networks

In business, it’s all about networking…

Solution IP are experts in managed network solutions, delivering a network infrastructure that responds to your organisational needs.

We can help you connect staff to other staff, or sites and offices in different locations, and our solutions enable secure data sharing and an enhanced, high-speed network performance.

Our team of experienced, in-house engineers will design, install and maintain the right network for you, based on your unique business challenges, needs and priorities.

Benefits to your business:

Secure multi-site business connection

Share information privately, quickly and securely across multiple sites

Quality of service

Enjoy higher levels of reliability, speed, and voice quality

Resource management

Save IT resource with a single, centralised firewall

Disaster recovery

Connect data centres and other key sites in multiple ways and reconnect remote sites to backup locations quickly and easily

Traffic control

Prioritise or block information flow as necessary, and regulate the devices that can connect to your network

Your network, your choice:

The managed network that would work best for you depends on the unique nature and qualities of your business. Solution IP specialise in two distinct types of managed network.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) – a technique or form of networking that gives you a completely private, dedicated network that can be linked to more than one site. Find out more.

Point-to-Pont (P2P) – a communications network joining two distinct points in a closed, highly secure manner. Find out more.

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