Next-Gen Data Backup

One control panel for borderless visibility and on-demand access to all data, wherever it is stored.

At Solution IP, we’re able to help organisations with a range of challenges associated with data management.

In recent projects we:

Improved security and efficiencies of backup and recovery whilst mitigating the need for onsite hardware.

Enabled organisations to instantly access data and end downtime, combating rising data management costs by cutting primary storage costs.

Tailored Data Storage and Management Solutions

We work collaboratively with our clients to resolve diverse business challenges in data.

Sector-specific expertise.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve managed technology for multi-site enterprises specifically healthcare and veterinary, professional services and heavily regulated sectors.

Backup and Recovery

Recover your business data instantly and cost-effectively with Solution IP.

Established wrap-around security

Real-time security intelligence and automated monitoring.

Tailored Data Storage and Management Solutions
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Backup & Recovery

Whether your data is stored on-premise, in a hybrid environment or in the cloud. We help you discover, analyse, control and protect your critical data. Encrypted at source before it leaves your devices, with a customer-defined key, your data remains encrypted at all times in our highly secure data centres, your data remains protected with a customer defined key.

Disaster Recovery

How quickly you respond to and recover from a disaster will ultimately define your business. Now you can confidently protect your critical data. With unthrottled recovery, we help you radically reduce the impact of security incidents and data breaches.

Search & Insight

Using our data discovery and migration technologies, we help you to discover what data you’ve got and where it is stored. The discovery tool enables people to transition at their own pace, with less risk, and at a lower cost, by migrating data to the most relevant platform. We help you optimise your digital and data strategies, and give you invaluable insights that enable you to leverage the value of your data.


Gain complete control over all your data, now and in future. Simplify your data backup systems with one web-based solution that gives you a centralised view of your data, wherever you are in the world. Benefit from extreme data portability as we seamlessly move data between platforms.

What’s different about how we restore data?

The interesting part of our solution is InstantDataTM, which solves the main logistical challenge of data management, backup and archiving – recovery time. InstantDataTM streams the recovery of data, recovering stub files to build the shell of the server and making the data appear as if it’s been recovered.

The blocks are then prioritised as the users access them and the rest in the background – similar to services like Spotify and Netflix.

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