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A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk is a connection that links your premises directly to the Public Telephone Network (PSTN) using an IP or assured broadband connection.

SIP trunks carry inbound and outbound voice calls, and are a flexible alternative to an ISDN connection.

And if you’re looking to move your business communications strategy towards Voice over IP (VoIP), SIP trunking is rapidly becoming the preferred medium for VoIP telephony.

Our SIP trunking solution is delivered as a fully managed end-to-end service with comprehensive Service Level Agreements and a dedicated UK based support team.

Benefits to your business:

Call quality

All voice traffic is carried over a dedicated connection, such as assured broadband or a leased line, guaranteeing the quality of calls at all times


Scale up or down easily depending on your business needs. Instantaneously add extra trunks as you need, and increase your capacity to call out or take calls at the same time during busy or seasonal periods.


Manipulate your outbound numbers as required. If you have an office in London but need your calls to go out on a Bristol-based number, then this is possible. Mobile devices can make calls as a particular number, no matter what the user’s location. And if you’re moving office, you can keep your existing numbers.

Cost saving

SIP trunks can have considerable cost saving benefits for a business, as IP connections are cheaper than ISDN lines when it comes to line rental costs. And there are no expensive call forwarding costs in the event of a disaster, because calls can be diverted instantly and easily.


You can be prepared for any situation, put in place a disaster recovery plan and set up backup facilities with the help of SIP trunking. You can reroute calls instantly in emergency situations, and multiple numbers can be pointed anywhere you choose. In short, you can keep your business running with minimal disruption.


If your business has multiple sites, then SIP trunking can help you rationalise the number of Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) you need to maintain, with no loss of control of your telephone numbers. This also aids in disaster recovery planning, as it helps with centralising and distributing calls elsewhere in the event of an emergency.

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