Microsoft Cloud Services

  We deploy and run Microsoft cloud and direct routing for branch environments and dispersed workforces across the UK.

Solution IP are experts in Microsoft cloud solutions, delivering productivity that responds to your organisational needs.

Whether your business needs a service that offers collaboration, security, cloud infrastructure or all of the above, discover more about the individual workloads and how they can help your team.

Office / Microsoft 365

Office or Microsoft 365 is cloud-based business email, shared calendars, instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing. We’ll show you why it’s the top of the league and how we support your team with Microsoft.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice – Teams

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern cloud-based telephony solution that integrates into Office 365. It gives you calling together with chat and meetings in a single app, Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, & managing applications and services.

Microsoft Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is the flexible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans allowing you to make and receive calls external to your business from Microsoft Teams.

We work with a bespoke Direct Routing architecture to enable full voice capability natively into Microsoft Teams.

If you’re using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams as your communications infrastructure, we can implement Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams to benefit from cost savings, increased functionality and support for migration.

Benefits to your business:

Benefits Powerful and flexible, Microsoft’s cloud gives your dispersed teams the power of numerous productivity tools such as Azure, Teams and Microsoft 365.

Disaster recovery

Connect Microsoft cloud services to our cybersecurity tools in multiple ways and reconnect sites to backup locations quickly and easily

Quality of service

Enjoy higher levels of reliability, speed, and communications quality. From license management to team onboarding, Solution IP have a proven track record. 

Resource management

Save IT resource with a single, centralised firewall. All managed by our expert IT and Network engineers. And supported by our UK based service desk. 

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