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Solution IP specialise in deploying and managing Horizon cloud phone systems.

Horizon is the UK’s industry-leading hosted telephony solution, designed to make your business communications easier to manage and administrate. 

Your phone system is hosted in the cloud and supported by a BroadSoft platform. This means both exceptional call quality and reliability, as everything is automatically backed up.

There is no onsite private branch exchange to maintain. Instead, you have a cloud-based, feature-rich phone system that is easy to roll out, scale up, and manage. We rollout thousands of horizon ‘seats’ each month. Find our more in our guide

Phone fraud is becoming a real problem in the UK, costing businesses £953 million in the last year. It can result in bill shock and loss of service, which can be disruptive to your business operations. Sourcing and running systems and networks with security by design is central to a robust day to day operations.

Arrange a security audit and 2 hour workshop with our Lead Engineer. 

Switching made simple

“We had 6 individual branch phone systems and expensive ISDN phone lines. We wanted a flexible, reliable solution from a trusted local provider.”

Barcan + Kirby

Benefits to your business:


Horizon adds a robust resilience to your business operations. In the event of a disaster, you can divert calls to any location or device instantly via the web portal, and there is minimal onsite kit that could be damaged in any major event.


Free your employees from their desks. Encourage flexible working, remote working and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


Horizon comes as a fully managed, fully supported end-to-end service. From installation to daily support you only have to deal with one supplier – Solution IP.

Cost management

Horizon is paid for on a monthly, licence-per-user basis. This is makes it very easy to plan and control costs. Maintenance, training, support and installation are all included in the price.

Happy customers

With Horizon, customers can reach you anywhere, any time, on any device. It doesn’t matter how or where you choose to work – you can always present the same professional customer-facing image.

Horizon system features


Management Reporting


Web-based admin and user portal




Access via web, soft phone or mobile app


Call recording


Polycom handsets that are feature-rich and user-friendly


Personalised messages and on-hold music


Desktop and mobile clients


Call waiting




Hunt groups

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