Leased Lines

High speed. High performance.

A fast, dependable internet connection is essential for any modern business.

Email, e-commerce, remote working, long-distance conference calls, media streaming and web browsing all rely on connectivity.

And for those companies wishing to update their telephony to an IP based system, a robust and reliable connection is a must.

Our leased line services ensure your business gets the connectivity it needs.

Benefits to your business:


Leased lines are high-speed, and high-performance. This means the multiple business applications and processes you use on a daily basis will be faster and more efficient.


Our lines can handle data, voice and video. You’ll be able to move on to a VoIP system if you want, and use voice and video conferencing.


You don’t share this connection with anyone else. It only carries your data and communications, and so can reliably support any business applications critical to the success of your company.


Our services are provided on a fully managed 24/7 support basis (where backup connectivity is in place). In addition, there is a 100% Service Level Agreement covering delivery, performance, availability and fix time.

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