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Moving to SIP Trunks explained with our first Whitepaper

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As topics go, moving from ISDN to SIP is a hot one, with many businesses becoming increasingly aware of the benefits to be had from a SIP Trunking model.

ISDN to SIP whitepaper

Our new Whitepaper details exactly what the process is when it comes to moving to SIP

However, companies still enjoying the benefits of their legacy ISDN services may be dubious as to the reasons for migrating to SIP, and also unsure of the process, timelines, and other factors involved in the move.

Solution IP have published their first whitepaper to help deal with the many queries relating to transferring across to SIP. The paper covers the following:

  • SIP versus ISDN- what’s available with each service
  • SIP Trunking Myths debunked- a correction of the most commonly touted myths around
  • How it works: a detailed breakdown of the process involved in moving from ISDN to SIP
  • Scenarios- how different companies can take advantage of SIP Trunking for a variety of purposes.

The paper has been written as a collaborative effort by the team of in-house experts at Solution IP. It is meant to be a practical aid to anyone thinking about moving across to SIP Trunks. This paper is the first in a series of practical, expert guides on telephony, connectivity and business communications- all of which are absolutely free.

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