Matt is our Engineering Manager. Here he puts Avaya’s server-based version of IP Office through it’s paces

What is Server Edition?


Server Edition is Avaya’s latest offering, which takes all that is great with the software normally installed on an IP500 V2 control unit and makes it available for installation on a standard physical or virtual server. (See our IP Office review for a general description).

Avaya’s Server edition is arguably their biggest step forward since the IP office was born, opening doors to customers who wish to use the physical or virtual server equipment they have already invested so heavily in. For those that wish to purchase a server, Avaya offer a pre-built solution, using high specification Dell hardware.

Why is it better than the IP500 V2?

The Server Edition of IP Office is designed to work with SIP trunks and IP handsets, which connect to your normal PC network. This means less connectivity is required to the phone system and in most cases, only one internet connection is required for both calls and internet (leased line preferable).

The system has a bigger capacity at 2,000 users, making it a viable option for larger companies, and with the resiliency option of adding a secondary, backup server, it can be relied upon by businesses with a large number of users. Should there be a server outage the IP handsets supplied with the solution re-register to the backup server, keeping downtime to approximately 3 minutes.

From an engineering perspective, we are seeing a big reduction in the amount of disruption a customer faces during general system maintenance, with only a handful of system changes now requiring server reboots. This means that new features, licenses or configuration amendments can be implemented without affecting your business negatively.

Still have ISDN? Using Avaya Digital Handsets?

Customers with existing Avaya IP500 V2 systems who are tied into ISDN contracts, or currently have digital handsets can utilise their existing system as a gateway for these features. This makes upgrading from IP500 v2 to SE an option for everyone.

Can it be used in a multi-site environment?

Absolutely. This is where Server Edition is the best option. With the large user capacity and resiliency options, Server Edition it works well in a data centre on a customer’s central site as a centralised solution. This means only IP handsets are required at each remote site, keeping the amount of hardware to be maintained at a minimum and requiring less site visits to diagnose faults or to make changes.

How secure is it?

Security is also improved with this setup, with only one primary system and one primary set of lines, this drastically reduces the number of entry points into your network. This means that mobile phone apps and remote workers connect via one point on the network, making it easy to manage the associated security measures.

Avaya is going from strength to strength at the moment, with many new exciting features expected with the upcoming R10 software release, so now is a great time to consider IP Office Server Edition for your new Unified Communications Solution.

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