‘Answered.’ Sounds simple, doesn’t it? When 48% of pet owners wanting to book over the phone, your telecoms is business critical. But with the pressures of handling a busy reception, it doesn’t always mean it’s that simple. Calls get missed or dropped.

Each practice should ensure their telephone system, at the very least, reaches the minimum specification criteria. Here’s a 5 minute checklist to ensure your tech is up to date. Smart communications technology and systems will help you build outstanding customer experiences and operational efficiencies.

Managing a multi-site group? You’ll want to access broader operational efficiencies, Here’s a 9 minute read in our strategic planner for operational efficiencies.,  How do you to create a road map which supports the practice team, technical and clinical teams?

Since we first worked with vet practices in 2013, we set out to help hundreds of practices build better experiences

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