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Important Avaya License Update 2020

Important Avaya License Update 2020

Avaya has announced the End of Sale notice on all IP Offices pre-release 10. Older versions will no longer be supported through Avaya and licenses will not be able to be purchased for these systems.
The affected software versions include: Release 6, Release 6, Release 8, Release 9, Release 9.1.

What this means for your business?
If the system is no longer on a supported version, then it will not be able to be expanded and you may not be able to benefit from the latest available features. Any support issues will not be able to be escalated to Avaya.

Risks from out of date Avaya licenses
An unsupported system can leave your business exposed to security risks with potentially costly fraud attacks and data breaches.
• Telephony crime including VoIP and SIP fraud costed UK businesses £1.5bn last year
• Average cost of incident is £10,000 and cost 24% of businesses like yours more than £700k.
• 84% of UK businesses are vulnerable to hacking

What are your options?

Upgrade to the new software release.
Customers with an IPOSS contract are entitled to a free upgrade license to R11. We can check this for you.
Alternatively, customers can pay a one-off payment for an R11 upgrade.

If you have poor Avaya service support
Consider staying with your existing system and changing your maintenance and support contract.
50% of the UK businesses surveyed had not carried out a general fraud risk assessment. We help you ensure your Avaya phone systems.

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