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A Hosted Phone System is cost-effective, scalable and reliable. Move your phone system to the Cloud and see the benefits immediately.

Move your phone system to the cloud- with the fully scalable Hosted Phone System from Horizon

Horizon is the UK’s industry-leading Hosted Telephony solution, designed to make your business communications easier to manage, administrate and budget for.

What are the business benefits of the Horizon system?

Give your customers a better experience

With Horizon, customers can reach you anywhere, at any time, on any device. It doesn’t matter how you choose to work or from which location- you can present the same, professional image regardless.

Get more insight into your business performance

Full call recording is integrated into the Horizon service. In many instances call recording is an additional and expensive extra cost with business phone systems. Reporting can go to an individual or group level, across multiple sites, so you can see exactly how effective your business is at handling customer calls and queries.


Prepare for the worst

A hosted phone system is perfect for putting a Disaster Recovery plan in place and protecting your business. Calls can be diverted to any location or device instantly, simply by logging into the web based admin portal. This means employees can continue to work as usual with no disruption to business operations. Additionally, the lack of any hardware means there is less to be damaged in any major event.


Make things easier for your business

Horizon comes as a fully managed, end-to-end service. This includes 24/7 support, and training. Plus, you only have to deal with one supplier for everything from installation to on-going administration. Your IT team will see the benefits by gaining back important time, and you can be confident in our service guarantees.

Be more flexible

Horizon frees your employees from the traditional desk-bound environment. Flexible working is fully supported, as are remote workers or those who practice BYOD.

Manage your costs

The beauty of Horizon is that you pay on a monthly, licence-per-user basis. This makes it easy to plan and control costs. There are no expensive on-going hardware maintenance fees, and training, installation and support are all included in the price.

How does a Horizon Hosted Phone System work?

Your phone system is hosted in the cloud and supported by a Broadsoft platform. This means exceptional call quality and reliability from industry leaders, as everything is automatically backed up. It also means no on-site PBX to maintain, but most importantly it gives your enterprise a feature-rich business phone system that is easy to roll out, scale up, and manage.

The beauty of Horizon is that you can have as much or little control of your Telephone System as you want. As it is centrally managed, it is easy for administrators to configure the system exactly as your business dictates via a simple web-based administration portal. Alternatively, you can let that side of things rest with us, freeing up your IT department’s time and lending you extra piece of mind that system changes will be taken care of efficiently.


What are the main features of the Phone System?

Horizon comes with many productivity-boosting features and applications:

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Horizon works best over a high-speed, dedicated connection:


Management Reporting


Web-based Admin and User portals


Auto Attendant


Access via web, soft phone, or mobile app


Call Recording


Feature rich, user-friendly Polycom handsets


Personalised messages and on-hold music

It’s easy and fast to move your telephony over to Hosted. Migration is not complicated, or costly, and we can manage the process with no hassle for your company and no impact on business continuity.


The benefits of Horizon: watch the video


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