Managed Networks

Quick, secure networking solutions for Voice and Data

Managed Networks including MPLS and Point to Point solutions

Our Managed Network solutions are installed and maintained by our team of experienced, in-house engineers. We can help you connect staff to other staff, or sites and offices in different locations. Our networking solutions enable secure data sharing and an enhanced, high-speed network performance.

We will design the right network for you, based on your unique business challenges, needs and priorities.

MPLS Services

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a technique or form of networking that gives you a completely private, dedicated network that can be linked to more than one site.


Tell me more about MPLS?

  • It is a completely private, dedicated network that can be linked to more than one site
  • It ensures that data is transferred securely via a prioritised, specialised connection
  • You can change the number of users with little hassle, making your business more flexible
  • You can also easily add additional sites to the network
  • MPLS enables you to apply separate settings to different types of traffic, meaning you can let high priority traffic borrow capacity from lower priority traffic streams and vice-versa whenever needed
  • MPLS networks offer a greater Quality of Service in terms of reliability, speed, and voice quality
  • The routers are already included as part of the service


A communications network joining two distinct points in a closed, highly secure manner.


Tell me more about Point-to-Point Solutions for business?

  • It’s ultra-fast, offering the same upload and download speeds, making it ideal for voice, data and video transmissions
  • You can easily and securely share information and applications between departments and sites
  • It offers a high level of flexibility and can grow with your business
  • Your sites will be connected via a secure network, keeping your data safe
  • It consolidates all your networks into one, enabling your staff to collaborate more efficiently, thus making your business more productive
  • It can connect to almost anywhere

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